Monday, July 21, 2014

Counting the Days!

Summer is quickly coming to an end.  I only have one more Monday before I must report back to school. It's ok, I've had a beautiful summer!  I've spent a lot of time with this young fellow.  It has been a summer of napping, reading, snuggling, feeding , and remembering what it was like to have a toddler in the house!  
 This grandparenting is so much fun!  He and his parents are staying with us temporarily and we are enjoying the experience.  Babyproofing our house has been a challenge.  You forget what little people are attracted to.  What ever it is you don't want them to have, that's exactly where they will go!  LOL  It's ok, we are happy to make the adjustments!  He is so very precious!  God has blessed us with this rare opportunity to spend a lot of quality time with him and I am trying to absorb as much of it as I can!  I don't want to take it for granted. 

Watching him grow, and develop brings back so many memories and again I am reminded of the amazing miracles of God.  Children are treasures that God entrusts in our care and how vital it is to raise them to love God, understand the amazing Grace of Jesus and become followers of Christ.  
 I am not only counting the days until school begins, but we are expecting a granddaughter any day!  My  heart overflows with love for this child!  She like the one above, will be welcomed into a family of love and adoration.  I am selfishly hoping she arrives a few days early so that I may spend a little time with her prior to school starting.  Her parents live in KY and I don't want to miss her entrance into this world!  It is all in God's timing and I understand, - I'm just offering Him a little encouragement.  ;)  
 We are celebrating a young lady's hard work!  She has graduated from college and will be walking across the stage this next weekend!  I am so very proud of her.  She did NOT give up!  In three years, she became a newlywed, became a mother and finished her degree!  This is not an easy task!  So many people let obstacles become road blocks and do not continue the journey.  She did not allow this to happen.  She stayed focused and continued on the journey to reach her goal.  We will celebrate with her and all she has accomplished for this achievement!  
 I have spent a little time with my baby this summer.  Our relationship will always be - she is my baby.  Hopefully, as a mature mother (not in age, but in healthy relationship) I have given her the strength she needs to be a wife and confident young woman.  I miss her, but by the same token, we are still very close.  It is right and healthy for her to live her life independent of me, but call me on occasion and ask my opinion of something.  I am good with that.  :)  I love the young man she has brought into our family and know she has chosen wisely.  I think she may have taken after me after all.  wink  
 The trip from Texas to Tennessee was an adjustment for sure!  They are beginning a new adventure!  I am so proud of them!  God has a plan and I am excited to see his hand in their life.  

If you have read through this entire post, thank you!  God had placed this on my heart and I wanted to record it for my reading for the future.  I pray you are having a blessed summer.

From July 29, 2011

Monday, July 7, 2014

Summer is flying by!


Since my last post we've added a new member to our family!  It was a beautiful event and I couldn't be more pleased!  They have been very busy settling into married life, writing thank you notes and adjusting to all things newlyweds must during those first few months. 

At the end of May our middle son and his family moved back to Tennessee from Texas.  He is currently on leave from the Army, but will not be returning to active duty due to injury to his back.  This has been an exciting time as well.  I now have the opportunity to read, play, and spoil this precious little boy as much as I wish.  They are staying with us until all details are worked out.  I'm not complaining!  :)

He turned one on June 28!  Seems like a few weeks ago and I was making that trip to Texas to meet him!  We had so much fun planning a birthday party!  He is a adorable!  I know I am bias, I don't make any excuses!

He is also going to have a girl cousin pretty soon.  We are expecting her arrival the end of this month or the first of August.  My life would be so much easier if she would appear the last week of July, as school begins August 4.  I want to be there for her birth.  She will be born in Lexington, KY.  That isn't a bad drive, but far enough that I would like a few days to enjoy her. 

The summer is going by way to fast!  I want it to slow down! 
 I hope you are having a great summer!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

The Year Has Flown!

I had no intention of letting a year pass without posting. 
It has been a busy year for sure, but I won't bore you with all the details.  :) 

We enjoyed wonderful family time over Thanksgiving Holiday with the kids.  They came from KY, Johnson City and Face-timed from El Paso, Texas.  We laughed, cooked, ate, and thoroughly enjoyed this very special time.  I am blessed!
The hit of the Thanksgiving meal was the blackberry cobbler the girls made.  It was so tasty I still wish I had a piece.  It was so much fun having all the laughter and silliness as I watched them make memories in the kitchen. 

We enjoyed spending time with Charlie and Lacey.  Lacey took every step I took.  She was focused the entire time.  Oh, how I would love to get that type of attention when the lesson title is " Major Expenditures".    Teenagers won't give me that undivided attention.  lol

We took time to take a few family photos.  We will be having a wedding in March, 2014!  I can't wait!  The wedding is just the formality.  He is already a member of our family.  

Our family is growing/spreading their wings in directions that God has planned for them.  One son went to Malaysia in October on a mission trip.  We are so proud of the minister he is becoming and how God is using he and his wife in children's ministry.  They are called to walk the walk of Faith and I am so very blessed to be a part of their journey.

As I mentioned, our family is growing.  Our grandson was born in El Paso, Texas this summer!  June 28, 2013! Words can't even begin to describe the love I feel for this little boy!  His parents are doing an incredible job. Some changes in their future for sure, but the details are not all worked out.  Stay tuned.  :)

I thank God for modern technology and face-time, otherwise I would be terribly frustrated.  I am counting down the days until Christmas!  His mother is so sweet to send me a photo every afternoon, usually during my 5th period class - my students will ask me if I've gotten the new photo of Reagan yet.  It is a best part of my day!  Oh how I love this baby! 

We will celebrate 35 years of marriage this January 1, 2014.  It doesn't seem possible!  We have grown up together for sure!  I wouldn't have changed thing!  I love him more today and look forward to many more years!
Merry Christmas! Happy New Year!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy New Year!

We made a quick to trip Kentucky over the last weekend of 2012.
We drove through a snow storm, while nerve wrecking, allowed for beautiful photography.

We spent a little time with these folks.
We had a blast, acting silly!

Due to location/army limitations, we were able to include all family members through the use of technology!
The couple living in Texas won the "Ugly Wrapping Contest"!
It was really ugly!
The trophy is on it's way!

The little ones are growing up!  New family members will be added to our family this year.
We are blessed!

The new year brings resolutions, dreams and goals.  I pray God blesses you in 2013!
From July 29, 2011

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas 2012

Merry Christmas!
A time for change.  Our family is no longer within driving distance of each other.  We made the best of the situation.  Using modern technology, we were all able to be in the same room, at the same time, while in different locations.
It felt odd at first, but within a few minutes we were talking, acting silly, and being our typical "Burton" bunch selves!  This is Lacey, she traveled from KY.  She's a little shy, but very loveable.

We enjoyed opening gifts, playing games, talking, laughing and mostly, just being with each other.

Due to all the different schedules, we were able to celebrate Christmas over several days.

No one was left out, and we were all relaxed.

We aren't finished, we still have a little more celebrating, with other family members.

We enjoyed a joyous Christmas Eve service at church.  It set the tone for remembering the true meaning of Christmas.o

For unto us a son is given, unto us a child is born!
Jesus, was the perfect gift that first Christmas morn!

From July 29, 2011